Can I Use My Own Domain?

To use a custom domain on your Say I do website, you first need to go and buy the domain. If you have already purchased a domain name, you can skip to Step 2

Step 1: Purchase your domain name

A domain name is a unique address on the web that you can type in and get to a specific website. They look like this: yourwebsite.comor

To purchase your new domain name, you will need to buy it from a website that sells domain names. There are many reputable ones out there. We recommend Crazy Domains or Hover for their service and pricing.

Check if your domain is available and go ahead and purchase it. If you are purchasing through Crazy Domains, make sure your purchase the Premium DNS addon ($20 as of writing) - this will enable you to forward your domain on to Say I do.

Step 2: Forward your domain to Say I do

To forward your domain to your Say I do website, you need to set it up with the company you bought it from. There is nothing you need to do on the Say I do end. 

The process for forwarding is different for each company, so we have listed a couple of the popular companies below and their help pages:

When you are asked the website (URL) that you want to forward to, you need to enter your Say I do address, which can be found here, and looks like this: sure you enter the full address. 

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