How do I add a plus one (+1) to a guest or party?

If a guest is allowed to bring a partner or friend, also known as a '+1', you can add them by clicking on the '+1' button next to their name when adding them:

Alternatively, if you forgot to add it when originally adding the guest, you can add a +1 after-the-fact on the guest list page. But make sure you do this prior to receiving their RSVP, otherwise you will need to reset their RSVP before being able to give them a +1.

  1. Click the pencil to the right of the guest you wish to add/remove a plus one for
  2. Click Give/Remove +1

When a party submits their RSVP, they will be asked if they are bringing a plus one only if you have allowed it. If so, they will be asked the name of that person, which will then appear in your guest list.

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