How can I ask a question to my guests?

To ask your guests a question, you can easily add the question to your RSVP form, so when your guests are submitting their RSVP they will also submit the answer to any questions you'd like answered.

Couples will often want to know meal or accommodation preferences during the RSVP process, and this is the perfect place to do it. You can even get song requests for the evening, or even ask for their advice on a successful marriage! You can find out more about adding a question on our help page: What are custom RSVP questions?

To ask a custom RSVP question:

  1. Navigate to Forms & Questions from the main navigation
  2. Click RSVP
  3. Click New Question and follow the prompts
  4. Optional: To only ask a question to certain guests, you can follow the instructions here

If you only want to ask your guests dietary requirements, this is available as a built in question and can be turned on by following these instructions.

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