Why are my private events not showing on my website?

If an event is private, it is not shown on the website until we can confirm who is viewing the page. This is a security feature that is core to the private event functionality. Private events will show to guests who are invited to them in these circumstances:

  1. In the RSVP form, while the guest is RSVPing
  2. At the end of the RSVP form, to confirm which events the guest was invited to
  3. On the website, after the guest has RSVPed and clicked the "Go back to the website" button
  4. On the website, if the guest has clicked through from an email sent through the Say I do Email Announcements feature
  5. On the website if the guest has previously identified themselves using one of the above methods, using the same device (phone or computer)

If you want to confirm what a particular guest can see, you can open your Guest list page, then click on a party and click 'View Website as...'. This will show you the website as if you were viewing as that party.

If you want an event to appear on the website at all times, just turn the privacy feature off and everyone will be able to see it and RSVP to it (meaning everyone will be invited to it). At the core of the privacy feature is not showing the event to people who aren't invited to it.

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