Per-Event RSVP & Invite Guests to Specific Events

If you would like guests to RSVP to individual events and to invite certain guests to some events and not others, there are two steps you need to take. 

First, enable RSVP on the event and set it to Private:

1. Go to your Schedule

2. Add an Event or edit an existing one

3. Scroll down the page until your see the "RSVP" option, and switch this to "On"

If this event is open to your entire guest list, you are done. Your guests will now be asked for their attendance at that event. Repeat these steps for all events you would like to receive RSVP on. 

Making your event private

If you would only like to ask some guests for their attendance for an event and keep it hidden from others, you can turn on the Privacy setting. This will hide the event from all guests until we know who is viewing the page, and which events to show them.

Then, simply select the guests you want to invite to the event

1. Go to your Guest List

2. Click on 'Invite' under the private event. Once you toggle it, it will change to 'Invited' and turn green, indicating that they are now invited to the event.

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